He Told Me He Would Introduce Me On 28th April While At a Friend?s Wedding?Brendah & Dr. Wilberforce

Brendah introduces Wilberforce via mikolo.com

By Robert K James

Whether it was love at first sight or it was a friendship that graduated into love over the course of time, or even the very least of imaginations, a result of vicinity attraction, we don?t really know for sure. But one thing is for sure, with 100% certainty to us that Brendah Mata and his husband Dr. Kabweru Wilberforce met at a workplace.

?We met at our workplace (China Uganda friendship hospital Naguru),? said Brendah before adding that; ?but later he (Wilberforce) was transferred to Mulago national referral.?

Nonetheless, that did not bar them from seeing each other and after ?seven years of courtship,? the couple decided to take their longtime relationship to the next level.

?Last year in December, we attended a friend?s wedding for which I was the matron and after the wedding, he told me he would introduce me on 28th April and marry me on 5th May (actually my wedding is on Sunday),? Brendah narrated.

And yet again it all sounded too good to be true for her. ?But then, I thought he was joking until I started seeing him call his friends telling them about his introduction and wedding,? she added.

The two lovebirds however didn’t do the customarily known kukyala (first visit) on the advice of the Brendah?s mother, who asked her son-in-law to just do the introduction as a means to cut costs.

And on Sunday, April 28th2019, the beautiful couple held their traditional wedding in Kangulumila in Kayunga district.

Brendah introduces Wilberforce via mikolo.com



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