TheBigWedding2018: Colline & Ann’s love story

I?m Omarion Kalega Colline, currently staying in nabweru with my special, beautiful & innocent wife Ann Babirye.

I went years back, when had just completed my studies (degree in finance) at MUBS, I saw her on Facebook (I met her from Facebook for the first time that?s the fact & I still have our first fb mgs.

I had many Girls around me as u know a 23yr old guy leaving at his parents? home and renting a single room in mutungo where I could take my girlfriends both (new & old), I started chatting with Ann for the first time but she was not replying me, I kept on sending mgs to her at different times but she couldn?t reply any mgs back to me & it took over a year when I’m sending mgs to her but she wasn?t replying me.

One day as u know guys never give up on hot babes, I sent another mgs to her, Hello Ann & I went offline u can?t believe I came back in the evening when she had replied me ?hello who is this? I was happy to her feedback from her after over full year in my heart I said she can talk to me seriously, I sent other mgs I?m Called Omarion and the reasons I could use that name coz it sounds good than Colline which is so common. the fact I didn?t know Ann and she didn?t know me but as it was my one of my ways of seeing gals on fb and we chat, I had to look for stories to show that I know her & to keep her chatting with me coz I was always home doing nothing just on social media whole day.

After trying to create stories to keep Ann in touch she could reply with one or two mgs after me sending a big story but I couldn?t lose hope coz I had passed in this be4 getting Gil?s on fb, but for her case it was too much coz it taken year and 3months without accepting to meet me though I could talk & request to meet her in every mgs I could send her.

Since I was not working I decided to go back to mubs for masters as I was looking for what to do but jobs were nowhere. In my first year of studying my masters in banking and investment management, I decided not to lose focus on my dating mission awards Ann, as you know with men wen dating many Gail?s the more u become hard to get the more this guy to keep looking for all possible ways of getting u that?s the same way I was doing to Ann even though I hard Gail?s around me but every day I could ask myself y this girl has refused to meet me over full year trying to ask her.

Had to look for dating mgs from internet I copy them and forward them to her, gdnt, morning, lunch mgs etc. to show her how I feel for her,& as I was doing this I was losing contact with all the other girlfriends I had coz I was focusing on Ann who had challenged me for year and some months, so one day I remember I was going to sit for my exams, I sent her mgs asking to meet her, u can?t believe Ann relied me asking we?re she can find me over all that long period of years, I thought I wasn?t reading the mgs wrongly coz I wouldn?t believe this time around she had accepted to meet me.

I told her the place but she couldn?t accept the place coz it was few from town, she gave me any option to get place around town unknowingly that she was working in town in Entebbe road in some Indian forex,I had to look for cheap hotel around town coz I didn?t have money to afford a big hotel like in town, I asked my friend Tonny to borrow me some 50k since for him was working which he was a Friday as u know all the traffic jam in Kampala had to prepare my nice clothes coz even though I was not working but clothing?s and my body I could take care of them, I was a nice looking guy coz I would go in the gym every day and I could post my picks in fb & it could attract many girls to me which wasn?t the case to we meet at city square hotel near former Carne bank, Ann was in the place by 7pm but I came at 8pm when she was even about to leave coz I had to use a taxi from maganjo, Bombo Road in that even to Kampala and u know that traffic on Friday, i asked her to wait for me lying her that I?m driving and I?m in the jam but the fact I was in the taxi and had no money to pay boda coz that I can reach on time, but lucky enough she was understanding person she waited for me until I arrived.

I found her taking black tea, guys I was so smart in my fitting brown court, black Jean & brown timberland shoe, I apologized for coming late and she was ok with it since I looked to be Innocent, hardworking &caring guy according to what she told me later after getting used to each other. She told me what she needs from a guy since I had told her the reason for our meeting not business but r/ship, she told me that she not currently dating anyone in my heart I was saying ur done around 10:30pm we?re leaving the hotel coz she had to work tomorrow on sat, as we were leaving I had to Hold her hand and her bag to show some love and care for her, but looking at my body I was like her bodyguard coz all my chest and hands were big and I like she had never moved with guy like me on the streets, reaching outside she asked for her bag thinking she was getting her phone, She was getting her phone to call someone, but instead she was keeping her car keys from the bag. She drove home and I took my taxi back home,
From that first night It?s like Ann had decided inside her heart to love me even though she couldn?t tell me that day, but our connection & communication increased until when she opened up to me that she loves me though I could be telling her every moment I could get with her.

I used to pick her from work everyday evening and we go to different happening places to have fun and this added love in between us every day.

Ann one morning she decided to open it to her mum that she?s seeing someone and her mum was happy for her coz her young sister had got married three years back and had even baby boy coz Nalongo was praying for her every day to get right person & this was me.

Guys the story is endless, but in that short time after meeting her I got job in mbarara while she was working in Kampala meaning that I had to leave Kampala yet we had just met for months and getting used to each other well, but u can?t believe Ann told me Colline go and work I will keep myself for u coz have been keeping myself for right man, I went to Mbarara and I used to give her all my money I was getting from work coz I didn?t want to keep on my account since I had atm card, Ann never used any of my money coz she had over 80m of mine but she didn?t use any coin from it this showed me how honest she was to me and inside my heart I asked that this was my wife to marry. She kept all my car cards, land titles and all my valuables items and documents.

She used to sleepover on weekends when I?m around, until when Nalongo(Ann?s mum) asked her to bring me home to meet her regardless of me bringing anything, it wasn?t easy for me to accept coz I was just 25yrs with a lot of money but after listening to my heart and our history r/ship I accepted to visit her mum and on 15-05-2018 we made visit to their home in lubaga, the whole family,& friends were happy for her, and we promised to come back to be introduced. On 19-06-2018 as it was, we had a colorful introduction ceremony with different bishops attending, Ann?s mum was sooo happy and Ann too.

Though she(Nalongo)passed away 19-07-2018,but we are together even in that hardest moment of losing her mummy, my mum loves her so much as her daughter and all family members she home that?s what I can say
We are currently together expecting new baby anytime this month, she?s really so loving, caring, honest, and helpful to me, and I?m like with my mum home. Guys we?re in a beautiful, peaceful, God protected r/ship with my wife Ann.

We, therefore, request big weeding committee to give us any opportunity to have a colorful wedding and we share more with all capital FM listeners our love story.
Anyone can get a true lover from Facebook or social media, we shall be great full wen u consider us to be officially husband and wife through the big wedding.

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