What a Show-stopper: Maurice And Cynthia?s Classic Modern Wedding

Maurice weds Cynthia

By Robert K James

If you are of one of those couples that have been waiting for some sort of inspiration to start planning your wedding, then now is the time to press pose on whatever you?ve been doing. Take a moment and have a look at this, Maurice and Cynthia.

It was nothing but the best for Maurice and Cynthia in a classic modern wedding that was all about opulence.

For the grooms, like it was in 2017, blue continues to be trendy and it?s no surprise that Maurice clad in a blue tuxedo. I guess it?s true what they say, ?blue is the new black?.

On the other hand, Cynthia wore a mermaid wedding dress that accentuated her curvy body?and?wow!!! Wow!!! She complemented her stunning back show gown with a long veil. Perfect manicure shined off her fairly long fingernails, an exquisite hairdo and chic jewelry gave her an angelic look.

The lovely couple paid homage to the Queen of England as they drove in a Jaguar on their big day.

And all that was captured by our friends at Kimera Photography, who did an amazing job. To Maurice & Cynthia, congratulations from Mikolo wedding community.