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With our wedding Guest List tool you can

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Create a wedding Guest list on Mikolo.

Manage your Guest List from anywhere!

Create events for your wedding then add your guests including their details, RSVP status.

Add your guests info.

Keep track of your guests' email, phone for easy access when you need to send your invitations, and thank you notes

Create a separate event for each of your wedding activities you'll need a guest list for, then add guests to as many events as you like.

Send your invites

Create personalize your unique wedding guest messages

Invite or Send SMS or Email Alerts

Mikolo allows to communicate to your guests via SMS or email.EXAMPLE-You May want to invite them for a wedding meeting

Track your guests attendance.

Keep track of guests, RSVPs, and thank you notes.

Guests can RSVP via Email or SMS to Your Mikolo Account

As you invite guests to your event, you can track if they have accepted their invitation and if they are bringing any little kiddies!

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